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What is the Missing Kid Saver?
The Missing Kid Saver is a screensaver that does exactly that: It saves your screen from “burning in.” The neat thing though is that we are not rotating useless graphics like Flying Toasters, or Pipes. The Missing Kid Saver runs photos of missing children --  their pictures, descriptions, circumstances, possible whereabouts as well as who to contact in the case of a sighting. Read Press Release.

The idea for this screensaver is based on an event that occurred a couple of years ago in Toronto. A test was conducted in a police station, rotating all criminal cases over the monitors when the computers were in idle. The idea was to “remind” and “familiarize” the officers of the case details. The experiment worked and more cases were solved.

You will see that we have the United States divided into three regions; Eastern, Central and West.  Different cases will be seen per region, depending on the possible whereabouts of the missing child. A missing child’s photo could be featured in all three of the regions.  Choose the region where you live and work.  Your screen saver will then display photos of children either missing from or might possibly be in that particular region.

Target audience
The more computers running this screensaver, the higher the chances of reuniting a family. Everyone needs to download the Missing Kid Saver: Schools, Libraries, Police Barracks, Fire Stations, Office Buildings, Governmental Buildings, Hospital Emergency Rooms and the general public using their computers at home.

Pictures work
When a child is missing, time is of the essence. The sooner a photo is seen, the better the chances are for a quick and safe recovery. NCMEC has a recovery rate of more than 96% and one in six of those featured through their photo distribution program is recovered as a direct result of someone recognizing the child from a photograph and notifying the authorities.

Halfway into 2005, Global Software Applications/ SurferQuest introduced an interactive real-time publication of missing child photos on their public computers in hotels, resorts and internet cafes. Read the news article “Modern Day Milk Cartons” here.

Through a live connection with the databases of the NCMEC the screensaver always delivers up-to-date information.

Software Developers
Software Developers