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Missing Kid Saver Technology.

GSA receives the missing children cases from NCMEC. They determine which cases should be displayed and for how long.

So how can we keep your screensaver current with the latest information?
NCMEC puts these cases in an XML document on their server. The GSA servers 'call' this XML document every 3 hours. It tells our servers where the information (missing children cases) is that can be downloaded to our server.

If the status of a missing child case changes, NCMEC makes this change in their database and when GSA's server calls the XML, and follows its references, it automatically gets the latest data. The XML is relative and only contains references to cases (like where to get it). The XML does not contain absolute data (like descriptive case information).

The screensaver also only contains references such as "get picture from this location and text data from that location." All references point to GSA's server.

The screensaver is set to:

  • pull the content from GSA's servers immediately when kicking in and
  • refresh every 3 hours with the latest content.

GSA is able to push live information to each screen 'right now,' as in a live notification system, but presently we are working with 3 hour intervals.

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Software Developers
Software Developers