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Thank you for your input. Answering all the questions personally is virtually impossible, even though we would like to, since it is your support that can make this project a success. We do take every feedback seriously and you will see that the Missing Children Screensaver Project will evolve accordingly with your best ideas. Not in the least by your very own personally efforts.


Q: Is the missing children screensaver ( free? Forever?
    A: Yes.  There will never be fees or subscriptions.

Q: Will I receive e-mail spam if I download this screen saver?
    A: No.  We do not collect e-mail addresses and you will not be asked to enter one upon downloading the screen saver. It is completely anonymous.

Q: Is the screen saver virus free?
    A: Yes.  The software is tested by Trend Micro and Etrust (CA)

Q: Will it run on an Apple computer or systems other than Windows?
    A: At this time there are no plans to develop it for other systems.

Q: Are there any Linux developments?
    A: At this time there are no plans to develop it for other systems.

Q: Do I have to be connected to the internet in order for the screensaver to play? I have a laptop that is not always connected and the screensaver will not load?
    A: Yes, you need an internet connection.  Via the internet it looks for the latest feed from NCMEC

Q: I think this screensaver is great. However, I strongly suggest the program picks a child at random to begin the scrolling/rotation of pictures. This way, if someone is at their computer when the screensaver goes off, they do not see the same first child. Instead they see one that otherwise would have been further along in the order.
    A: Very good idea, we will implement this immediately in the next update.

Q: I was just wondering how the screen saver is to be maintained. For example, a child is found and not removed from everyone's screen saver. Or, a child needs to be added. Do you have an update service? Thanks!
    A: Every time the screensaver starts up, it downloads the latest content from the NCMEC automatically.  Recoveries are removed automatically and there is nothing you need to do.

Q: Is it possible to have this type of screensaver on an ATM machine? If so could you forward me the info so I can pursue this option locally. Thanks.
    A: We have played with this idea in the past, while programming this screensaver. We just need to find an ATM manufacturer that we can work with. Any help here is welcome.

Software Developers
Software Developers